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Benefits of lifelike text to speech to a business

Imagine a real-like voice that is hard to tell whether it is an algorithm or a real voice. The voice has smooth inflections, natural transitions, sensible, upbeat, and serious. Just imagine that you could choose these voices just like you would do when selecting various voice-over artists. 

The good news is that text to speech is now available and can offer you these choices and so much more 

What is text to speech? 

Text to speech is an advanced technology that reads written speech out louder. With just a click of a button, it can convert words in a digital device into human audio speech. Machine learning and AI evolve continuously and keep on improving speech synthesis accomplishments making them acceptable for creative productions. 

What are the benefits of deep learning in business? 

The following are the advantages of text to speech in businesses. 

Workflow efficiencies 

Retakes in the video production process can be time-consuming. Text to speech makes it possible to speedily upload content online and receive an audio version. 


It is not easy to convert content on cyber security or legal compliance into engaging pieces that hook the attention of every employee. However, a text-to-speech application with a natural-sounding human voice makes it easier. Your content will be engaging to employees making your  

workstation a safer and more secure place. 

True comprehension 

Text to speech helps you create content that employees can understand and internalize. It is not just for entertaining your employees. 


When an employee is hired in a company the first thing they come across is the learning and development content. Text to speech helps the business produce high-quality training manuals making your brand professional and competitive. 

Why is it important to use it in WordPress and blogs? 

Improved user engagement 

Most websites and blogs have problems increasing reader engagements. Reading blogs can take a lot of time. Sometimes people are busy and engage in multitasking. Text to speech enables users to listen to your blog while driving, doing their work, on the go, or doing chores at home. 

Better accessibility 

Text to speech can improve your website’s or blog’s accessibility rate. You can convert your text blog to an audio blog giving options to your audience to either read or listen to your blog. It also allows persons with visual impairment and literacy challenges to access your site or blog. 

Best for audiobook and podcast fans 

Some people prefer listening to audiobooks and podcasts as a way of absorbing information as they travel. Adding text to speech in your blog or website will attract such kinds of people who prefer to listen than reading. 

In summary text to speech provides an opportunity for businesses that seek to reduce the cost, time, and challenges experienced when recording voiceovers for training modules. With the advancement in technology on natural human-sounding text to speech, business owners can translate their modules easily for a high-quality product, more effective workflow, and greater employee experience. 

Businesses should consider choosing the right WordPress agency that implements the text-to-speech service for improved user experience for their online audience.