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Google, as you well know, is more than just a search engine – and in the past few weeks, they’ve recently announced that big changes are arriving for their range of commercial web tools and services, those of which fall under the ‘G Suite’ umbrella.

Amongst those arriving soon include big changes to the interface for Gmail, which you can opt into early if you wish, alongside a security center investigation tool which will allow users to probe deeper than ever before into their online security, and how their data is being used and accessed. Businesses and enterprise customers will also now be able to store data via ‘data regions’ within a completely free update for G Suite – which means that certain files can now be easily moved and stored in various locales depending upon your needs, and who owns what – a great addition to the dashboard.

The smart suggestions and smart compose features previously found in mobile rollouts of Gmail are also set to become available in G Suite. The smart reply feature is even set to become a real facet for Google Hangouts, too – meaning that you can spend more time being creative and less time having to figure out every single word of your missives. That’s not all for Hangouts – as voice commands are set to be rolled out via Hangouts Meet hardware later on this year.

Finally, an update anyone using Google Docs will be happy to hear about – the introduction of grammar suggestions. This new addition to the auto-proofing abilities of the Docs system will enable G Suite users to analyse their writing on an automated basis at a speedier and more reliable level – it’s currently available for early adopters via G Suite, though it will roll out for everyone in the near future.

G Suite is expanding, and evolving – it’s big news for businesses – and we can’t wait to see what else Google has hidden up their sleeves.