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While WordPress may already be one of the most secure and fluid website builders, there are still plenty of ways to tune up and safeguard your experience while running your own website.  Thankfully, the platform’s plugin-based software allows you to take complete control over your security and backups – meaning that you have the final say in how you manage your content and data at all times.

One of the most important things you can do to keep your website and its data healthy and safe from harm is to back things up – constantly!  Regular backups ensure you can bounce back to a previous point with minimal effort, no matter when the worst may occur.  Backing up on WordPress is always simple, too – if you don’t use managed WordPress hosting platform, we can recommend Updraftplus as the leading plugin in backup and restoration for the platform – it’s easy to install and it automatically backs up websites and blogs of all shapes and sizes.

When it comes to keeping things safe and secure, you’re going to need to update your website and software regularly – WordPress, as standard, allows you to update to the latest security definitions regularly, meaning that you can rest assured that your website will always be ready to roll against the worst that the internet has to throw at you.  We at Lonlogic love WordPress for various reasons, but it is the leading option when it comes to completely autonomous security updates and enhancements.

Lastly, a great way to keep things secure is to log into your admin control panel from a secure source – and with the WPS Hide Login, you can change the direct URL of the login form so that your control panel access page remains completely exclusive to you – all you have to do is remember the URL or bookmark the page for future notice so that you don’t forget about it!  This is a great plugin that can work alongside a wide range of security add-ons and features so that you can really bring your site up to a safe, exclusive new code.  We’ll also be more than happy to suggest our favourite plugins and options to you so that you can run your WordPress page without fear of there being any data loss or breach in the future.

You can consider one of the most complex security plugins – WordFence. This is an almost complete security solution for your website. Also, it is worth considering an enterprise-class WordPress hosting platform like Kinsta or WPengine. Both are market leaders and provide you with stable, secure solutions, and the website will work lightning fast.

Article created on 11/06/2018
Updated 30/11/2022