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Trends in Web Design to Watch Out For in 2022

Regardless of content and industry, effective web design is crucial for corporate growth in 2022. Web design caters to all aspects of a functional web presence, be it the key elements of graphic design and layout, navigational features, choice in media, typeface or otherwise. 

2022 is already proving to be an exciting year for web development. Here are a few choice elements in modern corporate web design that will likely grow further in popularity. 

The Memphis Aesthetic 

In a world where we have embraced (and perhaps disposed of) minimalism, there is a widening trend for modern web design to remain simple, intuitive, and direct. While useful, reliance on minimalism is starting to chip away, as both business owners and web visitors grow bored with the look. 

Therefore, signs suggest a return to Memphis design is on the horizon. The Memphis aesthetic deploys random bright, colourful patterns and shapes to add eye-catching decoration. In web design, this is applied in such a way that it neither distracts nor overwhelms. 

This ‘fun’ aesthetic borrows heavily from geometric standards of the 1980s. Many corporate websites are even leaning into the look wherever relevant. It is laid-back, familiar, and when used appropriately, engages well with everyday audiences. 

Highly Visible Borders 

Beyond ‘fun’ aesthetics, cleanliness is key in 2022 web design. Through highly visible borders, web designers can effectively make cleaner, more efficient use of information on one page.  

Clearly framing and sectioning text, images, and embedded video allows designers to add more information to a page without growing overwhelmed or messy. Adding clear sections, frames, and individual spaces helps to make content easier to read and digest. 

Enhancing the Hero Message 

In 2022, the hero message is key. This combination of effective copy and dramatic graphic design is arguably the most important part of any corporate home page. The hero message or section effectively provides readers with the answer to ‘should I stay, or should I go?’ 

Commanding typography and tightened copy in the hero message is vital – and trends show shifts towards large, bold type. This gives readers carte blanche to decide whether to keep reading, or to hit ‘back’. 

In some cases, bold, tight hero message copy is used without the need for added graphics. This, however, differs depending on the needs and desires of the business owner. 

Content That’s Straight to The Point 

Google’s algorithms are tightening search engine optimisation (SEO) even further for the year ahead. Search engines prefer websites that answer questions directly without fluff or irrelevance. 

As such, web design in 2022 needs to incorporate web copy that’s tight, relevant, and straight to the point. Keyword stuffing is a black hat technique that’s lost credibility. Combined with tighter organisation, the aim is to provide visitors with the answers they desire in shorter timeframes. 

Ultimately, web design is moving more and more towards UX quality. Therefore, corporate websites must – more so than ever – prioritise customer journeys.