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What Construction Website Need to Succeed?

Every business needs a solid online presence these days, and the right website can set a construction business well ahead of the competition. Not only does a website act as a dynamic billboard for your business, but it also allows you to funnel fresh customers to you, demonstrating your portfolio, that all-important brand authority as well as knowledge within your specialist areas.

That said, there’s still plenty of ways to go wrong when it comes to building a great construction website. With that in mind, we’ve put together five things you should definitely make sure your construction business site includes.

Portfolio Page

Seems obvious, right? This is it, one of the most important aspects of the whole site. You need to make sure your portfolio page is spot-on, featuring plenty of varied photos of different amazing projects your firm has been part of. It can’t be a single page with a dump of photos on there. You need individual project pages, making use of the Before/After Effect. Putting a photo of an unfinished site next to your most stunning finished project is going to make for a supremely powerful portfolio.

Show a range, from smaller jobs through to your very biggest, but always make sure you’re using quality pictures, and don’t overdo it. A bit of text can also help contextualise the images, providing authority and explanation on each portfolio page.

Consultation Page

This is the page where you’re inviting your customers to get in touch, and to start telling you about their specific projects. Useful questions to potentially mention here include:

  • What type of construction do you need?
  • What’s the size of the property or project?
  • Where is the project located?
  • What is the budget?

Location Pages

When it comes to businesses like construction companies, location is hugely important, and reaching all the potential clients in your covered areas is vital. This is where location landing pages come in. By allowing you to present what is essentially a new homepage, only tailored to specific local areas, you can boost SEO results in localised areas, making sure you reach the right clients.

A Stable, Secure, Managed Website Hosting

It doesn’t matter how spectacular and flawless your website is if it’s always going down. Whether you’re talking about the quality of the hosting or security, it’s hugely important to make sure you’ve got a sturdy reliable website that handles high traffic, while providing a speedy, streamlined browsing experience. Smaller companies are more vulnerable to cybercrime, make sure your security is up to snuff.

You can also prioritise green hosting, minimising environmental impact. This is especially useful if you as a company have committed to reducing emissions and environmental footprint.

Clear, Descriptive Services Pages

These need to feature your competitive advantage, or your USP. Why are you better than every other construction company out there? Adding sub-services can allow for potential clients to learn more, and an FAQ can help flesh out the information further. Don’t forget to link to other essential pages.