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WordPress continues to be one of the most versatile and most feature-rich web design engines available for users and developers across the web – and we’re very much looking forward to some of the big features set to roll out with WordPress 5, which should be arriving with us at some point later this year.

WordPress 5 is set to be something of a bigger leap into the future than any other versions released so far – it incorporates a system which is referred to as the Gutenberg editor, and for our money, it looks to be streamlining the entire page and post editing process for the better. It is a system which will revolutionise the way you write and publish for WordPress – and thankfully, while it is something of a major change for just about everyone making use of the software, it will likely be met with open arms.

Gutenberg works rather like you are building walls of content together – which means that there is less fiddling about with various words and features and more control offered to you. Version 5 will also sweep in changes to custom theme-building and improvements to application creation – meaning that, altogether, you should be looking at a more intuitive and streamlined set of processes. It’s all in the name of helping you create, develop and publish web pages and posts like never before – and so far, we’re very impressed.

As of the time of writing, we’ve not been advised of a specific launch date for WordPress 5 or a full roll-out of Gutenberg – but you can take part in a beta study of the software today if you wish to get started. Rest assured, we will keep you posted on Version 5 as and when it arrives – all in the name of making website design and development easier for you!