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Growing a Forest Online – Our Latest Eco-Commitment 

At Lonlogic, we care deeply about the broader impacts our everyday processes have upon the environment at large. Web design, maintenance and internet access all produce carbon, and with reliance on such services growing year on year, our collective carbon footprint is set to grow alongside.  

We’re therefore making a commitment to greener running and greater sustainability a key priority in our ongoing mission statement. In fact, we have recently committed to planting trees as we continue to develop and host web content for our clients. We’ve partnered with a web-based tree-planting service, and have even started growing our own forest

Our new partnership will ensure that, for all we do for our customers and clients – from new website design to ongoing maintenance and hosting – we will continue to trigger tree planting requests through It is the latest in our ongoing campaign to both reduce our environmental impact, and to balance our carbon emissions moving forwards. 

Many people may not know how detrimental the internet can be to our natural world. Simply maintaining and running the web can create up to 3.7% of all carbon emissions on Earth. Regrettably, it is not purely road traffic and power generation that negatively impacts our environment – but also datacenters and the enormous amount of electricity the internet consumes. 

Beyond these concerns, sustainability has rightfully grown to become a key performance indicator for public businesses. The bottom line is that there must be greater initiative for modern businesses to operate cleanly – whether through reducing everyday wastage or switching to energy-saving supplies, offices and agencies such as Lonlogic must take responsibility for the carbon we all produce. 

We believe that every web design agency should be making corporate commitments to the environment. We invite you to follow in our footsteps – and look forward to seeing our forest expand over the years to come.