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Our Commitment to Green Hosting 

As a professional web design agency, the Lonlogic team is committed to providing efficient, sustainable hosting solutions to companies across the UK, Europe, the USA and Australia. We are therefore thrilled to confirm that Lonlogic clients will now benefit from green hosting as part of our ongoing commitment to lowering our carbon footprint, and to protecting the wider environment. 

Internet activity creates around 3.7% of all carbon emissions, worldwide – as a result of hosting, browsing, and power expended in transit. With dependence on the internet for marketing, entertainment and daily business always growing, this pressure is only likely to increase. Therefore, there is much that we, as hosting providers, can do to reduce our ongoing impact. 

Lonlogic is pleased to offer green hosting for all our clients’ websites. Our key partners use datacenters operating on renewable energy – resulting in fewer carbon emissions as we continue to host complex sites for our customers. Therefore, clients are reassured the energy we use to run and host their websites and online stores is as clean as feasibly possible. 

We are also committed to providing green hosting packages for a wide variety of online needs. Lonlogic’s customers benefit from hosting for WordPress membership sites, Woocommerce, LMS online academies, small business websites, larger corporate presences and more. No matter your online hosting need, you can be assured it is provided with a conscience – for the greater, and greener, good. 

Beyond green hosting, our team is further committed to eco-friendly website design and management. 

Green web design and hosting are growing ever-popular, and our collective aim is to provide such services as this exciting new revolution emerges. For the Lonlogic team, our commitments to cleaner, sustainable web services are just the beginning – and we look forward to sharing further green initiative news with you very soon.