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Google has always been about securing people’s experiences as much as possible on the web – as the biggest search engine operating online today, they also have a considerable monopoly over what gets seen and which content is readily consumed and by whom. Therefore, they are going one step further in July 2018 by offering serious perks to those websites which are already secured through HTTPS.

This secure protocol essentially allows user and browser data to remain secure and unobtainable by outside sources – and if you continue to offer a website without the protocol from July onwards, Google Chrome will not only mark your website as ‘unsecure’, but Google will also make sure that you fall down their search rankings through their browser – regardless of any SEO you might have already arranged.

Google Chrome is thought to have around half of the internet captivated – meaning that this is a huge slice of the market that you can hardly afford to miss out on. Further to this, it’s been stated that Chrome users will see search results from those sites which are HTTPS certified – meaning that if your website is not secured by July 2018, you’re going to appear to less and less users of the standalone browser.

Therefore – it makes sense to make sure that your website is fully set up on the HTTPS protocol – particularly as it may put a fair chunk of your interest at rate! Let us help you – we’ll help to build and craft a website for you that not only looks great and captures regular interest, but which also offers secure browsing and safety assured with each and every visit. Don’t waste time going unsecure – meet Google halfway and leap into HTTPS today!