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Over 33% of the Web is Powered by WordPress!

If you haven’t heard of WordPress by now, you’re probably going to be in the minority.  The web builder and engine have been adopted by more and more businesses and individuals as the years have gone by, which of course means that it has continued to develop in an ever-changing online landscape.  In a world where our browsing habits are always changing, it’s fantastic to learn that there is still so much love for the wonderful WordPress.

As of March 15th 2019, WordPress reported that they were actively powering over a third of the internet’s 10 million most-visited websites.  That’s an incredible achievement.  Considering that – only 14 years ago – the firm was celebrating 50,000 downloads, it’s clear that this is an engine that people will continue to rely on and support for many more years to come.  To put things in perspective, the most recent release of WordPress has overseen 14 million downloads in less than a month.

A Wider WordPress Community

WordPress is an absolute asset when it comes to flexible, accessible web design.  Here at Lonlogic, we have been making regular use of the engine’s flexible interfaces and plugins for over six years.  With each and every update, WordPress simply continues to get easier to use, and more flexible for website owners to manage at their leisure.  It’s useful for web designers such as us and for the people we design for.

WordPress’ engine is one which takes very little skill to get to grips with.  We’ve been able to easily transfer control to our clients over the years to allow them to autonomously make their own changes and tweaks.  All the while, we still do the technical magic behind the scenes.  Web design is still a very intricate process – and it requires expertise to get everything working just right.  We’re therefore immensely thankful to be part of the wider WordPress community.  It’s made so many lives easier!

What Now for WordPress?

In a world where mobile optimisation is still very much a big draw, it wouldn’t surprise us if the WordPress engine continues to develop with flexibility in mind.  WordPress sites are already responsive and flexible.  That means they can be easily read and used across most devices.  However, as we all know, the world around us, and technology have a habit of changing very quickly indeed.

Web design agencies such as Lonlogic have a duty to keep fingers on the pulse of SEO and online marketing at all times.  With Google continuing to change algorithms and operations, it’s important that we lead with an engine which is just as flexible as we are.  WordPress is simple, deceptively rich in features, and has helped us to bring hundreds of websites to life over the years.